2023 Kitchen Trends

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With a new year right around the corner, it’s the perfect time to take a look at the constantly changing market to find out what’s popular. In this blog, we’ll be highlighting trends for one of if not the most popular spaces to renovate in many homes, the kitchen. Not only does it add tremendous resale value but it provides homeowners with a place to bring their family and friends together for a meal or even just to socialize.

Customizable Features

Designers are starting to work more closely with their clients to accommodate specific needs or wants by incorporating customizable features into their layouts. For example, there’s an increasing demand for larger islands that are designed with enough space to accommodate more people for both dining and entertainment purposes, reducing the need for formal dining rooms.

Homeowners are also falling in love with the idea of walk-in pantries built right off the kitchen. These provide additional storage for food, smaller appliances, and cooking supplies which helps to reduce clutter as well.


A sometimes overlooked but classy feature that has been gaining notoriety is the statement hood. It serves as a centerpiece that brings the whole room together and will without a be a common conversation starter among guests.

Get In Touch With Nature

Warmer earthy tones like greens and blues are the preferred color options as they give a sense of calmness and bring the outdoors in. In terms of materials, quartz and marble countertops along with natural wood cabinets pair nicely.


Like almost everything else today, technology will be at the forefront of many kitchen designs. Smart appliances have burst onto the scene because of the convenience they provide through the use of apps or even voice control to control temperature and many other things. They’re also built with energy efficient properties which will help keep costs down. The COVID-19 pandemic has also led to the introduction of touchless faucets into residential homes.


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