How Technology Is Transforming Household Appliances

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In this digital age, it’s nearly impossible to find an industry where technology has not made a significant impact. The home and more specifically the kitchen is no exception! According to Houzz, 35% of upgraded kitchen appliances in 2022 included high-tech features which was up 6% from 2021 and that trend is expected to continue into this year. While some may be skeptical of the advancements, there’s no denying that they provide convenience and efficiency to our already busy lives. Read on to learn more about some of the popular smart home features that are taking kitchens into the future.

Control at your Fingertips

Many of the latest appliances on the market today are equipped with Bluetooth capabilities. This allows homeowners to set temperatures, timers, and more through the use of an app or by pairing them with smart home services like Nest or Google Assistant. Notifications can also be setup to alert you when the oven is done pre-heating or a timer is done which helps speed up the cooking process without needing you to be physically present in the kitchen the whole time.

Safety is a Priority

The kitchen can become a dangerous place but another added benefit of smart appliances is they have built-in warnings that can be sent to your phone if the stove is left on too long for example. Some can even run diagnostics to check for things like leaks before they become a bigger issue which increases the life of the appliance.


Lastly, while it’s not an entirely new development, appliance manufacturers continue to make great strides to combat wasted energy. Not only does this help the environment in the long run but your bank account will thank you since reduced water and electricity consumption means more savings on your monthly bills. Some examples include:

  • Think about how much time you’ve spent staring into the refrigerator before making a decision on what to eat. Now, there are models designed with a window so you can see what you have without needing to open it and let the cold air out.
  • You’re probably used to seeing touchless faucets in commercial establishments but their integration into residential settings is becoming more and more popular (23% of renovations in 2022). This is likely a direct result of the pandemic because they help limit the spread of germs since there’s no need to touch. Plus, they reduce waste by shutting off automatically (consider how often have you’ve let the water run while you’re preoccupied with other tasks).

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