How To Protect Your Home After Renovations Are Complete?

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When you partner with JDP Designs you’re not just a client, you become part of our family. This philosophy is exactly why we make sure to treat every home we work on as if it were our own. Unfortunately, even the best craftsmanship will succumb to wear and tear over time so what happens to you and your home once we complete your renovation? Luckily, unlike many of our competitors, our partners offer a service plan that will keep you protected in the event something breaks down. Continue reading to find out how it works and why it’s a worthwhile investment.

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Does My Home Really Need A Service Plan?

It’s not easy to calculate the average home maintenance cost per year because it can vary depending on several things like how old the home is and how if you live in an area that has more severe weather conditions to name a few. Generally, the industry estimates that homeowners should budget $1 per square foot of the home annually, however. The belief is that the home is more than likely the biggest and most expensive investment that most people will make over the course of their life so don’t you think you should be doing everything you can to keep it in the best possible condition?

Along those same lines, why rely on local handymen when you can trust the people who actually built and know your house better than anyone? This also makes your life much easier because you’ll only need one contact as opposed to sifting through a long list of plumbers, roofers, landscapers, etc. who at the end of the day will likely overcharge you since they don’t know you personally. 

Services Included:

  • FREE Spring & Fall Check-Ups: A detailed inspection of the property will be performed in order to ensure everything is working the way it should in advance of the upcoming season including opening/closing water lines, checking hose bids, and inspecting your gutters and roof.
  • 2 FREE Emergency Visits: Obviously certain repairs require immediate attention to make sure they don’t lead to more damage and these cases are stressful enough so we won’t charge in these instances.
  • 10% OFF Labor & Materials: If we find anything that does need to be addressed, we’ll diagnose the issue and make the necessary repairs for less than your local handyman.
  • Access to our Network of Trusted Partners: If you require larger jobs like appliance replacement, power washing, landscaping, etc. we have long-lasting relationships with companies that we can refer you to so you won’t have to overpay at those big box stores!
  • Transferable: If the time ever comes when you’re looking to sell your home, the contract can be transferred to the new owners, which is a win-win for everyone!

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