Must Haves For Your Primary Bath

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One of our favorite rooms to design has become the primary bath because when done the right way, it can add a lot of value to your home. Plus, this should be a peaceful area where you get to unwind so it can’t be overlooked. Read on to find out what features you need to include if your thinking about remodeling your bathroom:

Double Vanity

Have you ever ran late for work or that dinner reservation because you and your significant other don’t have enough room to get ready at the same time? By incorporating a double vanity you will now each have your own sink and mirror to eliminate this issue. It can also serve as a convenient place to store towels, cosmetic products, and more. And it goes without saying that it is a statement piece right when you walk in!

Walk-In Shower

The key to any great bathroom is the shower. We recommend walk-in shower to all of our clients for several reasons. Most importantly, its more practical than a combined shower tub because its more spacious and you won’t have to replace it years from now when it becomes too difficult to step into. The next advantage is in the design, where you have the choice of tile or even stone to give the room a more natural feel. We’ve also included custom features such as a built-in bench, dual shower heads and more.

Free Standing Tub

Just because you chose a walk-in shower doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy the occasional soak in a tub provided you have the square footage to accommodate both. This also adds some extra class to the room and is the perfect way to clear your head when you come home from a long day of work or rest your body after a tough workout.

Walk-In Closet

A walk-in closet connected to your primary bath has become a popular ask from clients. This design layout allows you to move freely from the bathroom to the closet without having to necessarily go back into the bedroom. Plus, it can be used for extra storage for anything that doesn’t already fit in the vanity.

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