Why Does Your Kitchen Need A Double Sink?

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Today we tackle one of the age-old debates regarding kitchen design. Which is better: a single or double sink? We’ll go over some things to consider before making a decision and the advantages that a double sink provides compared to a standard sink. 

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Things to Consider

The first and most important thing to consider before making your sink choice is whether or not you have enough space considering double sinks require more counter space than a traditional sink. The other aspect is how often you entertain or prepare food in your kitchen. This is something we’ll elaborate on later. Still, double sinks are typically more expensive so if you don’t feel that you’ll utilize its benefits consistently enough you might be better off with a standard sink.

Keeping Your Kitchen Clean

The double (or divided) sink was originally conceived prior to the introduction of the dishwasher when homeowners washed everything by hand. The added space and separation made it much easier by allowing you to use one side for rinsing while the other side served as a drying rack. Nowadays, one side is usually equipped with a garbage disposal so you can rinse dishes quickly before moving them to the dishwasher and still have another side free in case someone else needs to wash their hands or perform other tasks.   

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Meal Prep Made Easier

The biggest benefit double sinks provide is convenience during meal prep. As we said earlier, since you’ll need to give up additional counter space to install a double sink, many people still place a cutting board over one side to make up for that. Additionally, the two sides allow you to separate raw meat from vegetables or whatever else you might be preparing in order to prevent contamination. 

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