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Adding Value with These Home Renovation Projects

For many people, making the decision to renovate their home can be a stressful time, and while some look at it as a major cost, it should be viewed as a great investment. A common misconception many homeowners have is thinking they’re just throwing money away by renovating but on the contrary, you’re adding value...

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Current Kitchen Renovation Trends

If you’re like most Long Islanders, you’re in need of a kitchen renovation. Why? Because most homes on Long Island were built back in the 1950s-1970s. And A LOT has changed since then. Most kitchens on Long Island are approximately 12×12 and completely closed in with a small window. Does that sound similar? Well in...

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Renovate Your Kitchen on a Budget

A kitchen renovation can transform your home. However, a kitchen renovation can also empty your bank account. It doesn’t have to be like this though. If you want to refresh your kitchen on a budget, keep reading. One of the most affordable ways to refresh your kitchen is by updating the cabinets. A fresh coat...

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Which Bathtub is Best for Your Bathroom?

A big part of a full bathroom renovation is what style of bathtub to use. There are many choices and it depends on the size of the bathroom and the final look you are seeking. But here are some style choices to consider when you discuss your bathroom renovation with Noah Construction and Builders.

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